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Your chance to become a true citizen of Loxwood

Take part in the Loxwood treasure hunt to win your rightful place as an honourable citizen of the finest kingdom in the land!

Claim your rightful place

The Kingdom of Loxwood! From brave warriors to wise witches, from the finest artisans to the most accurate of archers. T’is an honour of the grandest proportions to be bestowed a citizenship in a realm so ripe with talent. Now t’is your chance!

For the second year running, visitors to the Loxwood Joust shall have the chance to claim their place in the Kingdom of Loxwood. But it shall not be as simple as placing a feather in thine cap.

Collect clues, hunt for letters, solve the anagram

To win your place you’ll undertake a treasure hunt. Collect a brochure as you arrive and there ye shall access 10 clues that will lead the way to 10 letters dispersed around the Kingdom. Together, they form an anagram. Solve the anagram and bring the answer with your letters to our judges at the information point. If you have solved the puzzle, there ye shall be bestowed a medal of gold (in colour) as you are welcomed as a deserving citizen of Loxwood. For those who succeeded in our task last year to become a citizen, ye shall receive a medal of platinum (of sorts) and graduate to the rank of ‘Squire’.

Benefits are bestowed on our fine citizens and squires. Those wearing their medals shall be greeted by the townsfolk and are allowed to cast two stones in the Choosening, giving strength to their vote for the next ruler of Loxwood.

Children and the olde alike will enjoy this special addition to the Loxwood Joust, which is already bursting with medieval activities for all of the family to enjoy.

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