A knight on his steed at the Loxwood Joust festival

the story so far

After a successful stewardship, Lady Alaine is poised to leave her position as Queen and allow the people of Loxwood to decide who should rule them. While seats on the council are still being hotly contested by Lords and barons the length of the realm, the position of Regent – one who will sit on the throne and command all – is down to two noble houses; Lady Helena of House Arun and Lord Edward (William) Villian… This summer the succession will be settled by you!

Archers take aim at the Loxwood Joust Festival


Enter the magical Kingdom of Loxwood where you will be transported back to Medieval England to interact with the townsfolk, peasants and even rub shoulders with royalty. Wander the Living History Village, where inhabitants live and work exactly as they would have in the middle ages. Witness full-contact jousting, falconry display, torture with the executioner, daring displays of weaponry, archery and cannon fire as armoured knights prepare to meet in thunderous battle. The Loxwood Joust is a pageant of passion, a festival of filthe and fury (fit for all the family)… Welcome to your Heritage!

Falconry experience at the Loxwood Joust Festival


As if all of this wasn’t enough, we offer a wide range of experiences and workshops for all ages, including: Blacksmith Workshops, Chainmail Workshops, Copper Bowl Making, Scribe School, Mediaeval Baebes Singing Workshops and Knight School.

A banquet with the King at the Loxwood Joust Festival


Take your seat at the Loxwood Royal Banquet and become part of the story at our immersive medieval feast, presented in authentic style by specialist chefs. Rub shoulders with the noble Lords and Ladies whilst enjoying exclusive, intimate performances from the best entertainment Loxwood has to offer.

Tents of the Children's Kingdom at the Loxwood Joust Festival


As well as exploring the wider festival, the young have their very own land to enjoy – the CHILDREN’S KINGDOM – a festival within a festival. Here, the currency is the medieval groat, which kids and adults can use to try Have-a-Go Archery, Face and Wound Painting, Pelt The Peasant, Sword School and The Bouncy Castle.

The Mediaeval Baebes perform on the Woodland Stage at the Loxwood Joust


The Woodland Stage in the enchanted woodland is where you will experience performances from artists such as the world-famous Mediaeval Baebes, Trobar De Morte plus many more. This is also where big announcements will be made in the Kingdom for all to witness.

A lance is smashed during a Joust in action at Loxwood


Enter the realm of the Kingdom of Loxwood. The tide of history washes away all before it, so they say. But despite its relentless footsteps, somehow somewhere small and out of the way gets left untouched by the march of tide. Welcome to the Hamlet of Loxwood…

The Victorious Lady Jouster at the Loxwood Joust Festival in 2021


Grab your tickets and immerse yourself in the magical world of Loxwood, where history comes to life, and history is made! Who will rule this fine Kingdom for the next year? The people will decide! Your choice will shape the future of the Loxwood…


Timetable 2022

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