King Harold

Loxwood Joust 2021 – The Throne of Loxwood

King Harold was the last monarch of a dynasty.
The sickly son of Queen Katherine and the black Knight, Sir Hector of Horsham, his enemies lurked in every corner of his Kingdom; his subjects hated him and his army lay bored and restless.
With the Kingdom on the brink of bankruptcy and with no one to succeed him, Harold declared the winner of the tournament of arms shall be named ‘Heir to the Throne’.
Unbeknownst to Harold, he actually did have an heir, the lady Alaine. Born the child of a serving girl, Alaine dedicated her life to becoming a Knight, to one day earn the respect and recognition of their real father.
At the grand final of the Joust, with victory in Alaine’s grasp, Harold succumbed to his weak heart and died.
Lady Alaine refused the throne and instead took up the position of Steward, her reign lasting a full calendar year after which the people of Loxwood shall decide whom shall rule them next.

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