Enter the Magical Kingdom of

3-4, 10-11 & 17-18 AUGUST 2024
10AM – 6PM

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engage IN THE STORY of a queen risen

After a year of poverty under the despicable Lord Villian’s rule, Queen Helena has longed to return Loxwood to a land of peace and plenty. But alas, there is much fundraising to do – a good old-fashioned joust is in order! To demonstrate her respect for ancient Loxwood tradition, The Queen has resurrected the annual celebration of the boar, giving cause for a whole hog of merriment! But will it be thwarted? There is a feint whiff of treachery we detect in the air… or mayhaps t’is merely the odor of swine?

“The Loxwood Joust – It’s a big deal”

BBC Sounds

discover an experience like none other

In the Kingdom of Loxwood, the day is yours for the taking! From making a wish with the faery Godmother to witnessing the ferocity of full-contact armoured fighting, there’s something spectacular for everyone to behold. Marvel at close-contact falconry displays, feast with royalty in our banquet hall or create your own medieval wares in our makers market.

Faery Goddess