Gilbert Savage

Characters of the Loxwood Joust 2023

In 2023, the conflict between Lady Helena and Lord Villian remains unsettled and the townsfolk must once again choose a side – but all must make an informed decision. So, who are the characters behind the shields and what do they stand for?

King Villian

King Villian

Long Live the King! (Or at least until he is slain). It took King Villian but 2 swipes of a knight’s sword to reveal his true colours as ruler of Loxwood. His iron fist weighs heavy over the townsfolk, who he penalises for all and nothing at once. The King has left the townsfolk hungry and penniless while his coffers grow fat. Though his ego can’t see it, he has made many an enemy this year, and must remain on guard, else suffer his demise.

Lady Helena

Lady Helena

Lady Helena, once revered as the ‘Queen Bee’ for her mead empire, was banished to the tower after losing the battle for the crown at last year’s joust. But her swift escape to the woods has given her time to plot revenge, unbeknownst to the oblivious King. Her fall from grace – from cousin of the late King Harold to forest-dwelling nomad – has only cemented Lady Helena’s ambitions further. She plays on her popularity with the townsfolk, seeking to build a rebellion and win back the throne she sees as rightfully hers.

Sir Zachary

Hear ye, hear ye! Sir Zachary is our master of ceremony, and ye shall hear his booming outlandish calls echo around the Kingdom throughout the festival. As the charming Herald to the King, he is naturally aligned to his majesty, and loyal too. But with a fair heart and a strong moral compass, his allegiance is one of service, rather than sinister intent. So he chooses to regale the people with tales of chivalry, when there is precious left in the Kingdom.

The Hoods

Many who have suffered at the hands of King Villian have taken to the woods under cloak and hood. Under Lady Helena’s leadership and inspiration, this band of peasants train with the ferocity of knights, seeking justice for their losses, and a return of peace to the Kingdom.


Formerly the Sheriff, the services of the Bailiff are employed to maintain order in the Kingdom. Passing down the King’s legal ‘justice’ with snide glee, the Bailiff hath no mercy and is not to be crossed.

Sir Duncan

While the majority of the King’s knights have switched allegiance towards their new ruler, there is one who is bound by honour, not gold. Sir Duncan is a passionate knight, sworn to defend the people of Loxwood and maintain the moral compass of the Kingdom. His head is torn, but his heart remains true…how he shall proceed is a mystery to unfold.

Gilbert the Executioner

Gilbert Savage
Image copyright: Chrissie Brookes Photography

There is no organ that Gilbert the Executioner does not delight in tickling with his array of torturous tools. Assisted by his good wife Nelly, Gilbert Savage is the primary punisher of Loxwood. His talents have been highly in demand under Lord Villian’s rule, but who shall be his next victim?

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