Loxwood Joust 2023 – the Shield of Loxwood

In 2022 the people of Loxwood were bequeathed a great gift; the decision as to whom should rule them was their own.

Two rival households fought a fierce campaign to take the Crown: Lady Helena, ‘Queen of the Mead’, (cousin to the fallen King Harold) and Lord Villian, a wealthy landowner both charming and brutal in equal measure.

The proceedings commenced in dramatic form, as during the opening melee local hero Sir Robert was slain by the infamous Sir John the vile. His death cast a shadow over an otherwise bright contest of chivalry.

In her wisdom, Lady Helena bestowed a knighthood upon Robert’s young squire, Stephen so he may fight in his Master’s stead, winning the hearts of the townsfolk.

But Lord Villian played a conniving game, convincing the crowds of Lady Helena’s criminality, and at the grand Choosening Lord Villian took the Crown. His first act as King? To lock Lady Helena up in the tower for her perceived affiliation with a notorious hooded gang.

King Villian, now free to rule as he sees fit, levied harsh taxes on the good people of the realm, to growing unrest. But with his newly promoted Bailiff and guards rounding any who breed dissent against our ‘fair’ King, fear holds citizens captive.

Yet rumours abound of a curious hooded figure plotting in the woods. An atmosphere is building as whispers turn to chants: ‘Hail the Hoods!’  

What shall become of King Villian the Cruel? And shall the Hooded rebel, none other than Lady Helena herself, be crowned the hero of Loxwood?