Banquet 2022

Banquet 2022


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Take your seat at the Loxwood Royal Banquet. Become part of the story at our immersive medieval feast, presented in authentic style by specialist chefs. You’ll be treated to a full banquet of sumptuous dishes suitable for all dietary requirements whilst influencing the story for the whole festival! Games, petitions, betrayals, and the fate of the Kingdom will be decided within the folds of the Royal Pavilion only at The Loxwood Banquet. Speciality banquet dishes include:

Roasted chicken wings (flsru of fowle), pork liver pate with summer fruits (mortrews with blostm), sliced ham with mead glaze (flicce with meodu), roast meat and vegan sausages (links of hogge, worts and greens), jewelled rice (grut gefraetewod), and vegan bean and spinach chilli (spic’d stew of beans and worts). Desserts include elderflower cheesecake (sambocade), damson tart and gingerbread (gyngerbred).

A wide variety of breads, sauces, pickles and vegetable side dishes – both traditional and modern – will also be served.

Event Details

The banquets last approximately 1 hour

Venue: The Loxwood Meadow, West Sussex, RH14 0AL

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