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Knight School


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Looking forward to seeing the battles and jousts? Why not book a session at our Knight School and find out what it’s like to swing a sword yourself? Each session lasts for 30 minutes and will teach you the basics of handling a sword and buckler in combat. The skills taught are authentic to the mid-1400s and yes, it is a school, so be prepared to do some work. We suggest a minimum age of 7 years old for pre-booking. We will take younger children provided they have an adult with them but it would be best to come and see what’s involved first. There is no upper age limit, we firmly believe that adults should get a chance to play as well. It’s not just for boys either.

Event Details

The minimum age for unaccompanied children is 7 years. Ages 5 and 6 MUST have an adult with them (no charge for the adult).

Venue: Children's Kingdom, The Loxwood Joust, RH14 0AL

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