Sons of Ivaldi Blacksmith and Leather Craft Workshops

Sons of Ivaldi Blacksmith and Leather Craft Workshops


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Sons of Ivaldi Blacksmithing Workshop

Learn the basics of blacksmithing from the Sons of Ivaldi – professional full-time blacksmiths who are taking a holiday in the moral realm to teach us these ancient skills. Put your new skills to the test crafting a piece of modern history to take home with you, such as a belt buckle, bottle opener, toasting fork or even phone stand (because even the Norse dwarves need to stay connected). All materials and PPE will be provided.

All blacksmithing workshops will be 1 hour in length, with two students to each master. All master smiths are professional full-time blacksmith from a teaching and commercial forge in East Sussex.

Sons of Ivaldi Leather Craft Workshop

Choose from one of four projects in this one-hour workshop that introduces you to leatherworking. Learn the basics of leather craft, including decorative stamping, stitching and riveting. Make a coin pouch, card wallet, glasses or pencil case or a riveted axe frog to take home with you as a special memento of the Kingdom of Loxwood.

Event Details

Closed-toed shoes and long trousers are a must! Long hair must be tied back. Over 16 with supervision otherwise over 18s only.

Venue: Enchanted Forest, The Loxwood Joust

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