Close up of food at a Kingdom of Loxwood medieval banquet

A feast fit for royalty

Banquet Menu 2024

Legs of small birds marinated with herbs and lemon (Chicken drumsticks)
Chops of woolly beasts with mint dressing (Lamb chops) 
Slices of cured swine, mead and mustard (Ham)
Honeyed and minted sausages (Cumberland, contains gluten)

Potato, pickled buds and cumbers, mustard vinegar (New potatoes, capers, gherkins)
Cabbage, soused with cider, seeds of onion (Sauerkraut)
Ancient cracked wheats, with lemon and parsley (Bulgur wheat. Contains gluten)
Summer vegetable salad (Tomato, fennel, cauliflower, cucumber and beans with a hazelnut and dill dressing) 
Leaves, herbs & flowers (Salad leaves, dressed with fresh herbs and rose petals)

Bread (contains gluten) 
Chutneys and Pickles (Piccalilli, Red Onion Chutney)

Chocolate Brownie with forest berry compote (contains gluten and dairy)

DIETARY CHOICES (please add a note to your order when booking)
all gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan except where stated:

Medieval Pottage Stew 
Vegan Sausages (contains gluten) 
Grilled cauliflower steak 
Gluten free bread 
Chocolate brownie, forest compote 

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Man in medieval banquet
Take your seat at the Loxwood Royal Banquet. Become part of the story at our immersive medieval feast, presented in authentic style by specialist chefs.
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