Knights jousting at the Kingdom of Loxwood

Uncover the legacy of the boar

Join the celebration!

all hail the queen!

Having reclaimed her kingdom, our good Queen Helena has returned Loxwood to a land of peace and plenty. Well, almost – the royal coffers are looking rather empty (mainly thanks to its previous ruler Lord Villian, who spent it all locking people up for unauthorised smiling). Still recovering from his tyranny, the poor folk of Loxwood desperately need a morale boost – even the honeybees seem slower than normal. And to run out of mead would be disastrous.

Luckily, our ‘Queen of the mead’ knows exactly what the town needs: to resurrect the ancient local ‘Celebration of the Boar, which pays tribute to the origins of jousting in Loxwood!*

* apparently.

Expect piggery a’plenty, as we celebrate all that the humble hog gives our good folk of Loxwood. Make for the headquarters of the Loxwood Boars supporters, The Baconites, learn their new team song and cheer along with all the other spectators as our jousting team battle it out against the best and worst of the League of Champions. Dress in red and gold to show your support, and design your own Boar-themed sigil. Your efforts will be welcomed and applauded!

As part of the festivities, the Kingdom of Loxwood will host several matches in the League of Champions, featuring our own local heroes, the Loxwood Boars. The team have thrown themselves into a rigorous training regime to be ready for a whole season of fixtures that will culminate in the jousting bouts of their lives: local baddies the Horsham Hornets, followed by reigning champions and national superstars the Londinium Lions! 

Join Queen Helena and the good folk of Loxwood for the sporting event of the 16th century as we once again shout, ‘FOR LOXWOOD!’


Discover more about how the noble sport of jousting began right here in Loxwood.*

*At least, according to Charlie Bigspuds down the Loxwood Tavern.


Learn the chants and songs of the official Jousting Team fan club – the Baconites. Find their clubhouse at the festival and prepare your snout for a good bit of oinking!

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