Enter the Magical Kingdom of

3-4, 10-11 & 17-18 AUGUST 2024
10AM – 6PM

NEW FOR 2024: Camp at the festival!

Join us under the Sussex stars with our new camping experience exclusively on our third weekend, from 16-19 August. Pitch your own tent in a generous space and enjoy two days’ festival passes in the Kingdom of Loxwood, with a special programme of additional music and comedy on Friday and Saturday evenings just for our campers. Spaces are limited – don’t miss out.

Group of archers in medieval costume aiming bows and arrows skyward in the Kingdom of Loxwood

discover a world like no other

How will you explore the Kingdom of Loxwood? Perhaps you’ll start in the woodlands, mingling with its mystical inhabitants – outcasts of the town. Or maybe rub shoulders with the salt-of-the-earth townsfolk, who bring history to life with their crafts and wares? Secure your seat at the banqueting table alongside the royal family, solve a mystery or two and listen to spectacular live music (hand-picked by the Queen herself). However you plan your day, be sure to cheer loudly during the joust, for our knights need your support more than ever this year!

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THE queen HAS risen

After a year spent in exile while Loxwood toiled under the despicable Lord Villian, the rightful Queen Helena has taken up her throne and returned Loxwood to a land of peace and plenty. But alas, the royal coffers are emptier than a box of coughs. How better to raise funds than a good old-fashioned joust? And what greater excuse to resurrect the ancient local ‘Celebration of the Boar?’

“The Loxwood Joust – It’s a big deal”

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