Loxwood Joust 2022 – The Crown of Loxwood

Who will rule Loxwood? The people will decide, your choice will shape the future of the Kingdom!
After successful stewardship, Lady Alaine is poised to leave her position as Steward of the Realm and allow the people of Loxwood to decide whom should rule them.
But are the people ready? Casting a token into a box can be a tricky business. Can anyone cast a token? Even witches? Surely the poor will just eat theirs?
With lands and titles flowing as readily as the Loxwood Mead, seats on the council are being hotly contested by lords and barons the length of the realm.
The position of Regent, however, one who will sit on the throne and command all for the next year will be a showdown betwixt two noble houses.
Both alike, neither with any dignity.