Loxwood Joust - Lady Helena takes on Lord Villian who surrenders as she wields her sword

Loxwood Joust 2024 – the Legacy of the Boar

Loxwood’s Queen of the Mead, Lady Helena, has won her rightful place on the throne. After escaping imprisonment in the tower at the hands of King Villian, Helena made good use of a year spent scheming in the woods. Together with her loyal hoods, she overthrew the selfish and snide Lord Villian in competition, fair and square. Fresh from her victory, Helena seeks to return Loxwood to its former glory as a land of peace and plenty. But there is much to repair after the callous capers of the former King, and little fortune to do so.

But fear not, our Queen Helena has a plan! E’er a fan of tradition, she has resurrected the symbol of the Boar as the sigil of Loxwood and plans a festival to celebrate its humble glory. But the event is by no means a token gesture of fun to placate the townsfolk, it is part of a cunning fundraising plan…

They say Loxwood is the birthplace of jousting. Many years ago siblings Timmy and Tammy Joust, (pig herders by trade, rivals in all other
things) invented the practice one day. Having trained their favourite swines to take saddle and be ridden, a game of pushing the other off their steed with a herding stick seemed second nature, and thus, jousting was born (note – this may, or may not be true, but we wouldn’t let that get in the way of a good story now, would we?!). Truth or not, Helena expects a joust with the country’s finest knights shall draw the gaze (and open the purse strings) of local dignitaries. But is that a whiff of treachery in the air? Or is it simply the smell of swine?

As ‘Queen of the Mead’, Helena knows how to throw a good party – expect storytellers, dancers, songstresses and jesters, falconers, fighters and not to forget, jousters! Ah yes…A bevy of entertainers befitting of the finest Kingdom in all of history! The Queen of Loxwood opens her invite to all! Come, join the festivities, fill a cup and drink it all in! For Loxwood!