Belly Dancer, Loxwood Joust

What’s on at the Loxwood Joust 2023?

Battles, banquets, bards and baebes – the UK’s most spectacular medieval festival is back for 2023, and there’s more than ever to enjoy!

The Loxwood Joust is renowned for its unique blend of history and hysterics, where the ways of olde are on full display through the lens of an immersive theatre experience.

From the moment you enter Loxwood Woodland, you’ll be drawn into a buzzing kingdom, where the blacksmith’s hammer rings and medieval japery ensues. Viv, the witch resides by her cauldron, to cleanse the spirits of children, and our fairy goddess mother gives space for wishes to be cast.

As the plot unfolds around you, there is much to see and do. For those who have ne’er before been, a whole new world is revealed. For those who return to Loxwood, new experiences await!

New in 2023

Archery competition

For the first time in the Joust’s history, you can take aim and shoot in a challenge to be knighted Master of Archery. Guided by Loxwood’s finest archers, you’ll aim to hit a long-distance target. Do so, and victory is almost certain!

The Loxwood Kingdom Cup

Invictus, our full-contact warrior troupe, will be hosting the Loxwood Kingdom Cup, welcoming competing teams from around the UK to smash and battle to the end! Who shall win this brutal tournament and claim the trophy? A robust scoring card (backed by dents on armour) shall decide.

Shield designs

Who has your allegiance? Is it the cruel King Villian or the vengeful Lady Helena? Design your own shield to bring to the Joust and put your choice on full display. But beware Villian’s men and Helena’s band of hoods, who may have something to say about it!

All this plus…

Citizens and Squires Quest

Available in the Joust Programme is the Citizens and Squires Quest, a treasure hunt, of sorts, that guides you through Loxwood Meadow and the Woodlands. ‘Earn your shield’ by solving cryptic clues in this popular activity for kids and grown-ups too.

Daily jousts

The jousting arena is the centrepiece of the festival, where the King shall make his proclamations from the Royal Box and knights shall charge on horseback in the name of chivalry (or coin, as the case may be).

Feasts and festival fayre

Banquets are a true highlight of the festival, where you can feast in the presence of royalty, bear witness to unique plot twists and enjoy an elite dining experience. Meanwhile, around the meadow, delicious aromas waft to tempt you to the food stalls of traders a’plenty.

And so much more!

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This year, the festival centres around the story of the Shield of Loxwood, where Lady Helena and her hoods seek vengeance for her wrongful imprisonment and the ‘false’ coronation of Villian last year. Discover more about the story here.

Already coming to the Joust and want to know more about the ins and outs? Read our FAQs here.