Set in magical woodlands in the Low Wield lies an ancient realm where the rule of chivalry and honour still thrives, where the folk who toll the earth and those who live by the sword stand shoulder to shoulder in celebration of all things good about the world. The ringing of steel, the shattering of lances, dances and dinners, fighting and frolicking. Loxwood is a place out of time. But its future is now uncertain, as a battle for its rule begins…


Following the untimely death of the King, Lady Alaine has led a successful stewardship of the realm, but now she stands down as Queen to allow the good people of Loxwood to decide who will rule their Kingdom…


Lord Edward (William) Villian

This wealthy landowner is charming and brutal in equal measure. His huge ego dwarfed only by the pile of dead in his wake.
“Forget those filthy hovels you live in, together we shall build Castles in the sky!”

Lady Helena of House Arun

Loxwood’s very own ‘Queen of the Mead’ – She may have missed out on the line of succession but will her popularity with the people be enough to sway them to choose her to rule?
“Loxwood is our home and I intend to keep our house in order.”

Allegiance & Honour

The future of Loxwood stands on the edge of a cliff, well, the casting of a stone to be more accurate but you get the idea. Hear ye all the folk of Loxwood! Be you noble or common, fair or foul, lithe or squat, forlorn or for gravel, even if thou art left-handed. Ye shall have bestowed upon thee, the rite of the choosing. What say you – shall your honour be betrothed to he who promises wealth, or she who promises stability? Whose splendour shall be laid unto thine eyes as they perch upon that most noblest of chairs – the throne? Once sat, the Crown of Loxwood shall be laid upon their brow and, unless it needs adjusting, much merriment and rejoicing shall commence.

A crown is raised, a joust battles forth, a mysterious lady unveiled below an eagle in flight


Collect your ‘stone’ from one of our info points and cast it into the box of representatives nearby. Each shall be given but one stone to cast into the box… and only one. Lest ye be of the citizenry or Squire of the realm, then two stones thalt shall have. None shall be having three of the stones as this was deemed unfair and too much to count. Cast thy stone and make sure you choose wisely, the fate of the Kingdom is in your hands. A new ruler will be announced at the end of the second Joust.


Timetable 2022

Below is the timetable of events for this year’s Loxwood …

Policy on dogs

Because of the cannon fire and horses we recommend you …