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10 reasons to get excited about the Loxwood Joust

Huzzah! T’is the event of the year, and this August, Loxwood Joust – the UK’s most spectacular medieval festival – returns to Loxwood Meadow, bigger and better than ever.

Those who have enjoyed the South East’s favourite medieval event before can attest to the vast variety of entertainment and experiences available. But, no two days at the Loxwood Joust are the same, so we wanted to round up some of the most popular…

  1. The Immersive Experience

Full body armour? Bodice and skirt? Crown? If you’re not in costume, you’re missing out! With a storyline that develops from year to year, Loxwood Joust is an immersive experience that will mesmerise. Meander through the living village where residents camp as they would have in times of olde, for the duration of the festival. Interact with the townsfolk of Loxwood as performers share the whisperings and rumours of plans afoot while you wander through the meadow. Watch as jesters, jailmen and royals alike reveal twists and turns aplenty, before discovering who will take control of Loxwood (at least for the next year).

2. The Mead Shack

Climb aboard our shipwreck-themed bar and experience a modern twist on the medieval drink of choice – mead! Sup on a variety of honey wines either straight, or mixed as a spritzer. A delicious treat to take to the Woodland Stage!

3. World-renowned performance artists

Belly dancers

The Woodland Stage hosts talent flown right out of the middle-ages to perform for your pleasure. With spellbinding performances and enchanting harmonies, the Mediaeval Baebes take centre stage joining other international artists to entertain us with melodies and dance.

4. The Medieval Market

Stalls with medieval wares, from silver jewellery to armour, surround the jousting arena. Discover delicious fudge, dazzling crowns and mementos galore as the merchants display their crafts.

5. History lessons in the living village

Take a stroll through the Living History Village, a battle camp where inhabitants live, cook and prepare for war as they would have in medieval times. Speak freely with the dwellers, who are extremely knowledgeable in medieval living, and learn about everything from how they cook to which weapons are superior in battle.

6. Tuck into some medieval fayre

Taste medieval delicacies, such as venison pie and candied oranges, from Jane’s Medieval Kitchen as she advises on the traditional methods of preparing and cooking foods without modern-day luxuries like blenders, microwaves and fridges.

7. Try your hand at Medieval experiences

Turn your hand to a craft of your choosing, from Scribe School, where you learn to master a quill and ink, to chainmail making or blacksmithing. Not only will you learn a new specialty, you’ll take home your creations, as well as the memories of time well spent.

Card weaving

8. Full-contact fighting

Warning – this is not a stage show! With full contact fighting, warriors use real swords, competing in full armour to become the victor. Watch the action (from a safe distance) and learn more about this competitive sport that’s gaining momentum in the UK.

9. Feasts and gluttony galore

Pick a side and join either King Villian or Lady Helena and the hoods for an exclusive banquet feast like none other (limited tickets available). Eat as much as you can, while being entertained by the unfolding plot as private performances take place under the cover of the Royal Marquee.

Other food options are available in the market, with gluten-free and vegan options freely available. Options include vegan falafels, pizza, baked goods and snacks.

10. The Jousts

With so much else happening, we mustn’t forget that the origins of the Loxwood Joust are, indeed, the Jousts. Watch as knights of the realm climb atop their highly-trained horses and take to the jousting arena to duel for their lives and their respective Royals. As riders prepare, jesters gee the crowds, and battlers bare arms as the story unfolds to the audience lining the arena.   

The Loxwood Joust is truly a spectacle to behold. Join us in August and don’t forget to choose your shield!